Our projects

Management of project documentation

PMS system to store and manage project documentation of a product and all the information about it.

In the system, a project is divided into steps, stages necessary to its creation, such as Offer, Contract analysis, Planning and so on. At every stage, project managers can store the project documentation and monitor its implementation. Additionally, all the interested people have filtered access to any project information, its electrical and mechanical specification, customer information, terms of payment and warranty. PMS made it possible to gather all the project information (its documentation) in one tool, which in turn enabled to completely comprehend the complicated process of production.


Non-conformity cards

NCR IT system which improves quality control process, to manage electronic non-conformance cards.

The electronic non-conformance card describes all the irregularities detected at any stage of product creation, beginning with the design phase, and ending with servicing the product at a customer. The application allows authorized users to create such cards and to manage the process of repair by Quality Control manager who assigns tasks to specific workers responsible for eliminating the glitch.

Orders management

Software to to handle incoming customer orders .

Process starts with registering orders in a database, then an order is calculated, and the results are used to develop a production plan. The system allows to calculate projected consumption of materials, the time required for production of all the ordered items as well as the final price of the order. The application facilitates the work of departments such as order processing, sales, and production planning.

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