Have you ever had a negative experience when cooperating with software developing companies? Have you ever received an application totally different from the one you actually ordered? How many of them have you received on time? For sure, there are a lot of things you can say about overdue product delivery, software supplier’s inability to adjust to changing requirements, difficulty with estimation of total costs of a system. It is not surprising – most of software developers use outdated methodologies, where such problems are common.

Microsoft Solutions

In IISS, we have deliberately chosen the methodology MSF for Agile Software Development as a basic way of software creation. The MSF is a set of rules concerning designing and the best practices figured out during fulfillment of hundreds of projects by Microsoft.


Agile approach is based on the following principles:

  • customer is always present during creation of the system and can take binding decisions - readiness to fast and frequent changes in the project - the software is subject to constant changes overseen and accepted by the customer
  • Quickly comes the first version of a working system - you'll quickly see the effects, after 2-3 weeks of implementation
  • the main measure of progress in a project is the customer satisfaction with delivered functionality - you decide the extent to which the software meets your needs
  • cooperation with customers takes the form of frequent meetings - you have control over the product that is created for you, the progress is presented in short intervals (every 2-3 weeks)
  • the implementation is determined by tests of a created functionality - you can be sure that any change in the project is properly integrated into the whole system

All the above guarantees the improved quality of an end product and makes you satisfied with the software you get. Agile, as a light methodology is very flexible, and perfect in development of software dedicated to a given client. Thanks to its application, a system is ready to meet the changing needs of end users.

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