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Magement staff is not easy task. Person in HR department must possess unique skills to identify characters, explore competencies and assigment tasks according to employee qualifications.
Viro is our solution to these problems.

Viro solution

ViroHR is well-developed IT system, which enables professional management HR policy in your company. System delivers functional, intuitive and easy in service tools for management human asset. Software helps to test progress in competency development of single employee and employees in whole company. In that way HR department can correct online personal policy in company. It enables to choose the most suitable position for employee skills.

What is ViroHR ?

Convenient access

via browser, also on mobile devices

Organisational hierarchy

convenient management

Monitoring workers' competency

competency matrix, analysis missing competencies


conducting and management trainings and exams przeprowadzanie i zarządzanie


extended reporting options


appraisal system adjusted to organisation requirements

Viro Agile

Present global trends promote quick respond to challenges. Market is changing dynamically, companies must be also agile. They must be flexible and quick react for changes.ViroHR is good solution in Agile model.

What benefits?

Limit time and costs nessesary for preparations and conduct employee appraisals according to company process.

Access to information and reports which enables analysis missing competencies in company and preview employee competencies.

Saved time commited by employees for filling forms in order to complete strategic tasks for company.

Quick creating appraisal forms adjusted to workplaces wihout necessity additionally employ IT.

Comfort in management and conducting trainings and related with them instructional tests.

System was developed in cooperation with companies:


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