Windows applications

Desktop applications for Windows operating system are still very popular in all business situations where it is important to maintain a fast performance, and users often interact with an application. IISS creates Windows applications with a very broad range of functionality: network applications, databases, Windows services and others.

Windows Solutions


  • Application's performance

    Software works directly on the user’s computer, its efficiency depends mainly on the hardware on which it runs, and this can be easily modernized.

  • Interaction with a user

    Application instantly reacts on what is done by a user, it executes needed commands and cooperation with the program takes the form of a dialogue.

  • Work in background

    Software can support a user, also working in background, monitoring his work, copying documents, and informing about events from other systems.

  • Rich user interface

    WPF applications created on .NET Framework 3.0 are characterized by a developed user interface based on vector graphics and three-dimensional graphics, rich in animations and breathtaking interactions with a user.


  • Sending documents to a repository

    An application which gathers documents from various company systems, combines them together and, having versioned them, puts in one consistent repository.

  • Synchronizing group work

    Software which monitors changes made by a user in project files, and puts the new versions on a server. Having detected a change, it automatically informs all the users connected with the project.

If you are looking for software which cooperates with a user, and performs all needed tasks, the IISS applications will surely satisfy your expectations.

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