Web portals

In every situation where what counts is a software scalibility and its dynamics, understood for instance as frequent reactions to changes, web applications can be used. Integration with huge databases capable of storing huge amount of information is not difficult either. A web application is run in a web browser and can be accessed both from the Internet and the Intranet, that means the internal network of your company (nobody from the outside of your company cannot access it).

Web Solutions
Asp Solutions

IISS takes care of both small web applications, where the application logic is the most important, and extensive portals with expanded functionalities. We develop our solutions on the ASP.NET platform from Microsoft.


  • Independence from hardware and operating system

    Internet applications are run on a server and workers connect using their own computers via a web browser. In this situation they may use any operating system and hardware.

  • The application is easy to use

    Everyone who has ever used a web browser will have no problem with using a web application. The process is the same as a normal Web browsing.

  • Accessibility

    Web applications are accessible from any place where a user can connect to the company network and does not require any software installation. In addition, the application may be displayed on the screen of a mobile device.

  • ASP.NET platform

    ASP.NET drastically reduces the time needed to build up even large-scale projects, provides scalability and incomparably better performance compared to platforms from other manufacturers. ASP.NET is also a standard, which means that it can be developed by any IT specialist familiar with Microsoft platform.


  • Company's order management

    A portal allowing for registering, treatment and executing of clients’ orders, enriched with the option of storing the data concerning the orders. It is based on a perfect SQL Server 2005 database engine, and is able to process huge amount of information (all the company’s orders), and the reporting tool Reporting Services provides all the necessary statistics about orders and customers.

  • Projects management

    An application gathering all the data concerning company’s projects, including the information about goals, timeframe, costs, and the client for whom the project is being carried out. It also stores the project documentation and cost estimation.

  • Downloading information from a database

    A software which downloads given data information from SQL Server databases and converts it into a format needed by a client. It is especially useful in data processing by spreadsheets, word processors and so on.

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