Oprogramowanie naukowe

The use of the latest trends from various fields of science is the IISS everyday life. Systems which use artificial intelligence methods, like neural networks, genetic algorithms and fuzzy logic are successfully used in industry and services. IISS from the very beginning has been cooperating with universities in Łódź, and all our expert employees are graduates from technical universities and regularly publish scientific works. If you are looking for innovative and efficient solutions of problems that other companies do not want to handle, please come to IISS.

Scientific Solutions


  • Solutions for insoluble problems

    There are problems for which it is impossible to create a classical computer algorithm (such as medical diagnosis) – the use of systems that learn from past examples may eliminate many problems

  • Unconventionality

    Every problem may be solved in many ways – the use of artificial intelligence helps discover new, so far unknown, paths, many of which prove more efficient


  • Finding rules in the set of company orders

    Perceptron analyzing an order database of the company can search through a set of numbers to find some rules and patterns not noticeable to human (e.g. ‘the clients from Western Europe usually place orders worth more than 100.000 EUR when the contact person is Mr./Mrs. X’), which makes it possible for the company to prepare an offer that is always up-to-date, that means consistent with the current needs of the clients.

  • Medical diagnosis

    It is incredibly difficult to include doctor’s medical knowledge in a computer as the computer is not capable of a common-sense analysis. However, the use of fuzzy logic which operates on terms such as ‘rather big’, or ‘very bright’ makes it possible to create systems which ‘replace’ or support the doctor in a disease diagnosis

  • Process optimization

    The optimization of business processes is a difficult task due to the high degree of complexity - process representation as a function of many variables and its optimization with methods that deal with extensive tasks can increase the efficiency of the process and of the entire company

Innovative and customized solutions are our specialty. IISS is not afraid of difficult tasks, for us they are challenges with which we always deal completely prepared.

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