IISS - Ordering software - tutorial

Buy or outsource?

Usually, having concluded that one is in need of an IT system, it is necessary to choose either to buy an already existing product or to order a custom developed system. Why is it beneficial to have software tailored to one’s needs?

The advantages of custom designed software:

  • A system suited to individual business needs guarantees that it will meet the expectations and will allow to efficiently use the acquired hardware
  • Better technical support, servicing and system operation
  • Integration with other systems in the company guarantees a full and coherent infrastructure in the whole enterprise
  • The system is flexible because it can be developed alongside with changing processes and the company itself
  • Cooperation with professional suppliers of custom developed software makes it possible to efficiently build a competitive advantage over other companies in the same trade.

If outsource - then by whom?

Sometimes, in order to minimize the costs, one is willing to order software from a freelancer. Often such a person is a student or somebody doing it as a part-time job. Unfortunately, usually these people do not have the necessary skills to fulfill a task in a satisfactory manner, and often they do not accomplish it at all.

For sure, it is a good idea to order software development from an external specialist. What do we risk if we take a shortcut?

A freelancer is:

  • High risk of contract default and non-delivery or delivery of software that does not meet the requirements
  • No possibility of long-term cooperation related to the software development
  • If a system is developed by people with no significant experience, without appropriate equipment and good organization, such a deal is the easiest way of wasting company’s funds

If one commissions a professional company to develop a system, it eliminates the above-mentioned drawbacks and moreover he or she gets:

  • The certainty that the developed software is free from any legal defects relating to copyright, and the software as well as all the components applied are legal
  • Professional support and technical help

Commercial tools or open source?

Once one has chosen the software developer, he or she has to decide on one more thing: which platform to choose for the software. Here as well, it is not good to choose suppliers who propose to develop the software using free, widely-accessible technologies. Usually it stems from the fact that they want to save money on tools which are used to system creation.

Why Windows platform solutions are better than those of Open Source (php, cgi, java):

  • What is the actual software price?

    The total cost of software consists not only of its initial price, but includes also its maintenance, implementation, servicing, and development. System created on Windows platform guarantees a lower Total Cost of Ownership for most of the clients by reduction of expenses on trainings, implementation, support and integrating the system to Microsoft products currently used in the company.

  • The platform that will not disappear from the market.

    Microsoft has the greatest society of enthusiasts and specialists in the world: 1 500 000 certified specialists, 750 000 partners and 450 000 certified products. Microsoft technologies guarantee the continuity of support and development.

  • Use of products that you already have

    Systems created on Microsoft platform are characterized by a high level of integration with already available products such as MS Office, e-mail client Outlook, Internet Explorer browser, workflow system SharePoint, ERP and CRM systems, reporting engine Reporting Services, as well as analytical systems Analysis Services.

  • Platform's reliability

    Microsoft technologies are commercially verified solutions ensuring security, stability and scalability.

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