Mobile apps

Systems for mobile devices are growing in popularity in the business world. Palmtops, SmartPhones, Pocket PCs, or mobile phones in a variety of ways work as well as computers, you only need professionally developed software for them.

Mobile applications based on the system Windows Mobile 5.0 allow to quickly gather or provide data in a mobile workplace. Imagine a situation where you are at your customer’s office and you can measure the costs of an order with no need to get back to your office, or when working in a production hall, you can enter data into a palmtop to transfer it directly to your company’s system. These are qualities of mobile solutions – they offer numerous possibilities to a modern company.

Mobile Solutions


  • Instant access to business data

    A mobile device is always at hand, with your data inside

  • Reducing the amount of work needed to enter data

    There is no need to rewrite data into your company system

  • Ability to work in an environment where the computer cannot be used (i.e. there is no space for it)

    You can modernize your business by introducing IT solutions where so far you have never imagined


  • Reading bar codes of products manufactured in a production hall

    A device equipped with a barcode reader scans a manufactured product, immediately displaying all the information about it (customer, shipment date, serial number, etc.)

  • Monitoring the time spent by employees on each task

    Production Manager notes down a number of hours spent by individual working groups to carry out specific assignments. In a summarized daily report, he is able to observe the effectivness of various groups and to optimize plant’s operation

If mobility and dynamics are hallmarks of your business, let us create software that meets these requirements.

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