Data warehouse

A warehouse is a central database which stores the data from all the sources of an organization and allows to quickly access to a given integrated data about the enterprise. So a data warehouse is an expanded base which stores a huge amount of information gathered in a given time. The information may come from any application and ERP system improving the enterprise management, from CRM systems or from any other sources of information processed in the company.

Data warehouse

The main advantage of having a data warehouse is the optimization of the time needed to find an information, the most efficient analysis of the content and the aggregated summary reports which present cross-sectional data about the entire organization.

A warehouse is where historical information is stored. To analyze it, advanced artificial intelligence algorithms are used (Data Mining) which search the patterns supporting decision-making and reporting systems (Business Reports) in order to present information.

We implement the Business Intelligence systems based on the warehouse SQL Server 2005/2008 Analysis Services.

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