Business intelligence

Business Intelligence i.e. theBusiness Analysis is a very broad term connected to gathering any type of enterprise information, which in turn may be transformed into knowledge increasing the enterprise competitiveness.

The Business Intelligence platform is a set of applications and technologies to gather, store, analyze, and give access to data, which makes it an efficient system helping in decision-making in regards to the company. Decision makers can deeply understand the management processes.

The business analysis makes it easier for the decision makers to access the information and to analyze it in a given place and time. Current and forecasted report information is available both on the office computers and via Internet.

The Business Intelligence platform for data analysis includes:

  • Data warehouse
  • Business reports
  • Data Mining

Benefits that stem from implementing the BI platform:

  • reducing costs and improvement of business processes
  • monitoring and forecasting of economic factors
  • building strategies, setting targets, monitoring performance
  • summarized data from all the business processes contained in a single cross-sectional report
  • Integration with Office, reports available from MS Excel
  • presentation of reports on the web
  • synchronization with SharePoint portal
  • cena - BI is a free component of the SQL Server

We introduce the Business Intelligence platform in a professional manner, basing on Microsoft products which guarantee a high level of integration with the Office and SharePoint portal.

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